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This page is for the guest of the Inn of the Beachcomber and those of you that love epic waves. We are not affiliated with the Triple Crown of Surfing so if you are looking for the official Billabong Pipe Masters page click the logo above. For our live surf cam in Gold Beach Oregon and the south coast forecast go to the source

Update 12/17/10 Final Day 2010 Pipe Masters Tour de Pipe Masters

OK I get how the French felt during Lance Armstrong’s incredible run of 7 Tour de France wins. I knew something was up when Kelly Slater donned the Maillot Jaune (yellow Jersey) as the World Champion. I liked it because it was really easy to see through the eye piece of the camera. What a day that started with the first big wave of the day and Jeremy Flores in the first quarter with an 8.00 to move on to the semis. That was followed by Kelly Slater and his 8.77 in the next quarter. Jordan Smith’s 9.5 in the third heat was not enough to hold of Kieren Perrow’s 7.5 on his last wave of the heat. Dave Reynolds made it to the semis with a 7.67 and a 9.0.

The heat of the day was the Semifinal match of Kelly Slater and Jeremy Flores. Kelly was solid. Without priority Jeremy Flores sneaked in a 7.93 to win the heat and advance to the finals. That heat was so good. I think there was just not a lot of waves left for the day. Kieren Perrow’s 9.7 on his first wave set up the French Aussie final.

Kieren Perrow took off often and scored four waves with a 6.5 for his third and a 7.27 to seal the win. That is until Jeremy Flores finally got something going with a 5.5 in his third wave late in the heat. I was thinking that it was a shame Jeremy never had a chance to show his stuff in the finals that I had been filming all week. He snuck into a nice backdoor barrel and stalled his way to a 9.37 with about 2 minutes left in an afternoon when the sets were on the way down. The announcer said patience was key in a day like this.

t’s all shot in order so you can sense the drama. I had to put the clip of SUP man getting pounded at off the wall and Jeremy Flores betting rolled in the barrel. I will be back later with more stuff but had to get this up. Lot of history this week at pipe with the girls surfing and the first Pipe Masters champ from Europe.

2010 Billabong Pipeline Master Quick Take on day 2

"Epic" is so over-used but would fit in today with all the action and the history making women, actually some of them were teenagers, at the Pipe Masters for the first time. The day started out bad for Joel Parkinson when he hit a flat stretch in his heat. It could have been worse whet he went to park his board at the Billabong house it flew off the bushes and almost knocked out the guy out next to me. I was filming. He came down and got his board. He was sorry and the guy got a hat out of the deal and a good bump on his noggin. Best quote was “I can’t believe I got hit by my favorite surfer”. I am glad it hit him in his chair. It would have got me with the nose in my back while filming.
Just another day in paradise. Check out the video. These guys are so good it looks easy. I put some footage together that shows it’s not always that way and it’s tough on the girls. Stephanie Gilmore rocked the Dual for the Jewel. And Kelly got a perfect ten. Jeremy Flores got close with a 9.97. I can’t believe he made it out. Big day tomorrow so aloha.

Billabong Pipeline Masters Update December 13th

Here is some stuff you won't get anywhere else. During the only day the Pipe Masters has run, December 8th, Rock Piles was just going off. It was like head high at Pipe and Back door and then something like 20 foot faces at Rock Piles. Check it out! I got through the data from the first day and had to pull this out for everyone to see. If we were a real site I would have a video editor but we all have our limitations.
I think we will be on Wednesday from what everyone is saying. No big stuff but it will get a swell from the Northwest which should make for some good head high conditions. Boy what a difference a year makes. Found a Blast 5’10’ Kneeboard on Craig’s List over in Haleiwa. When I went to the Quicksilver shop to get a leash the dude said he’s glad it’s not like last year all the time because he would be surfing all the time . The man wants money so he needs to work..

Billabong Pipeline Masters Update December 9th

By the end of the first day I knew today was going to be tough. Not being on the inside I got down to Pipe at 7:00 am and shot for a little bit. 16 gigs. Got some back door in the light rain then packed it in. Just not enough guys out in the lineup. Started to work through some of the first day and put up some flash of the early morning good stuff. When I shot it I was disappointed but was stoked when I actually saw my footage. I promise to get the quality up so you guys can see some of this footage like I do on the Macbook. The new lens puts you in the wave and is better then I imagined. I just have to dial in the camera with all the action and see the take offs better. Any way the footage is pretty cool and there is just a ton to come. Rock Piles was firing at the end of the day I hope to get some more pushed up tomorrow. I think I am going body boarding on the east side in the am, only because I’m from Oregon and not afraid of the rain when its 77 degrees. Any way with the monsoons I should have time tomorrow.

Rounds 1 & 2 Pipe Masters 2010

Shot some footage the 7th and knew we were looking at a North swell so scoped out Off the Wall and Back Door. The big lens is way too cool. I shot about 72 gigs of HDDVC Pro. My thought was that last year was better. After going through the data all I can say is check back later for some bitching stuff. I got down to Off the Wall at 7:30; the county was just setting up the cones to rip up the water main. As I peddled down the bike path with the 50 pounds of video gear on my back all I could think of was the traffic jam that was a-coming. Early on, Back door was firing big time with 12” faces and lots of barrels. The swell was strong but I think I only got one guy on the pipe side. Way too much sand still on the beach. I must have been in the best spot because Pete “Joli” Wilson was next to me. I have no idea how he gets such great shots with everyone coming up and talking with him. What a wealth of information and willing to give it up. The break of the day was Rock Piles, west of Off the wall and Pipe. The cloud bursts that were coming in were spectacular and I got some great footage. By the afternoon Pipe and Back Door were a little weak and they kicked the body boarders out of Pupekea or what ever the break east of Pipe is called, and guys were trying to get some points in the heats there. Over all a good day but a lot of questions for tomorrow. It was firing on the North Shore just not at Pipe. Not enough from the west. We were all blown away by the outside reefs and the cloud burst but at the end of the day the contest zone was off a bit. Spent the end of the day shooting the bombs at Rock Pile which had to be the line up to be in on the North Shore today.
Check back later for more updates and video.

Update December 6th 9:00 PM

Yeah, we made all the way from the snow of Central Oregon to the North Shore. Freezing fog on the pass. My daughter, Rachel, says it warmed up at home to 32 degrees. I told her it was cold here on the North Shore 75 degrees. What a difference a year makes! I always tell people you get averages with one extreme to another. Last year it took two hours to get from Haleiwa to Waimea with the Eddie swell. This year I’m thinking 15 minutes. It looks like it will be bombing on Wednesday with a nice swell making in, Know before You Go; Surfline is calling for triple overhead with 10 – 15 foot faces on the first day of the Pipeline Masters holding period with the chance for an occasional 18 footer... I got the road bikes put together and plan to check it out tomorrow and get dialed in. Last year I shot from the Pipe side and it was definitely a Back Door year. Looks like 7 foot faces Tuesday so it will be worth shooting. I hope to get some bodyboarders pushing the envelope tomorrow. Check back and see if I am bright enough to get something pushed up to StreamGuys. Not sure of the bandwidth here at the vacation rental.