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Had a great time in Santa Cruz and will be back next year. The conditions were a little harsh but to film Victory At Sea live as the watermen braved the conditions was cool if not a little wet. Zane Schweitzer was unreal winning the competion and will be at the Stand Up Showdown at Pistol River June 15th - 19th.

Zane will have his hands full at Pistol with World Champion Kai Lenny, Bernd Roediger and Kevin Prichard confirmend for the Wave Bash. They will all be my guest at the Inn of the Beachcomber for the week. I plan to be burning some minutes on the cell to give all the top talent the heads up about the event. Last year the Wave Bash was epic and this year with the SUP event it's got to be over the top. I'm thiking this pretty much makes The Stand Up Showdown at the Rock the premier Stand Up Paddle Event on the mainland until the World Tour hits California. To get everyone stoked I have added $1,500 to the purse for the 1st annual Stand Up Showdown at Pistol River. The Inn of Beachcomber will be getting in a rental fleet of ten Starboard and Naish SUP's so everyone can get into the action. For all the info contact Sam at

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