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On the way down to the Paddle Feast in Santa Cruz I Got to Half Moon Bay late Thursday night. I checked out Mavericks in the morning and knew it was a storm surf day. I still can't belive the Paddle Fest went that day. Once I got to Big Basin State Park Waddell Creek (official California name) I shot some footage of the contest site. When I headed up East I ran into the park ranger. I talked with Marty the "Peace officer". She said that Sam would get roughly from the Prius to the ice plant. The Ice plant area was the rigging area the locals used. The Path down to the beach from the rigging area was not OSHA approved (my joike) and that it was easy access from in front of the rest rooms. Not all of the parking lot was going to be crime scene taped off. The Area from the Prius to the ocean bluff, to the north ice plant area, would be official AWT area. Anyway this might be usefull info for spectators or others. The site is 30 miles from Half Moon Bay and 22 miles from Santa Cruz. A small commercial town 4 miles south for

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